Waterproofing, Concrete Protection & Repair Technologies

SealBoss ® specialty construction products and equipment cover a wide variety of system solutions for infrastrucuture and geotechnical applications, e.g. concrete crack injection, spall repairs, surface sealing, bonding, soil stabilization and consolidation.

SealBoss ® products cover a wide range of applications in commercial, residential and natural structures, e.g. tunnels, bridges, dams, mines, high rises, parking structures, water treatment facilities, warehouses, basements, pools, etc.

SealBoss ® products are internationally distributed and applied in over 40 countries.

Waterproof. Inject. Repair. Bond. Seal. Coat. Protect.

· HQ West Coast, Santa Ana, CA
· East Coast Office Pittsburgh, PA  
· UK, Australia, NZ, India, Singapore
· International Distribution

WaterStop.     Crack Injection.
    Hydro Active Foam Grouts and Caulks.
    Gels. Polyurethane. Acrylate. Sealers.
sealboss PU


Structural.     Epoxy Structural Repair Systems.
    Epoxy Injection.
    Epoxy Paste.


Floor.     QuickFix Joint Fillers. Spall Repair. Coatings
    Warehouses. Roadway Repair. Parking Structures.
    Polyurethane. Polyurea. Epoxy.


Equipment.     Epoxy Pumps. Injection Pumps.
    JointMaster Joint Filler.
    Packers. Inject Tube. Accessories.
SealBoss JointMaster Pro2 QuickFix JointFiller Pump      Sealboss Epoxy Pump PA3000      SealBoss Packers

JointMaster Pro 2

Production.     Commercial Packaging.
    Cartridge Systems.
    System Kits.
      SealBoss Cartridge System      DIY WATER STOP KIT

Business.     Domestic Distribution.
    International Agencies. All Continents.
    Strong And Expanding.
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Events. People.

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The New Digital JointMaster Pro2 G3i. JointMaster Pro 2

JointMaster Pro2

Contractor Support.
Commercial Applications
Distributor Network.
Commercial Applications
Engineer Education.
Commercial Applications
  Professional Kits & Starter Kits For Contractors.
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Foundation Leaks.
Crack Injection.
Water Stop.

JointMaster Pro 2
Structural Repairs.
Crack Injection.
JointMaster Pro 2
Floor Repairs.
Joint Fillers.
Spall Fix.
JointMaster Pro 2
  Small Job Repair Kits.
Small Kits. DIY Kits. Water Stop. Crack Repair.
Foundations. Basements. Pools. Floors.

JointMaster Pro 2

epoxy pump polyurea pump injection crack repair

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